Sunday, March 5, 2017

Inaugural Taconic 100k Info:


Taconic Trails 100k aims to introduce serious trail runners to the natural & rugged beauty of the South Taconics & the Berkshires of the Tri-State Region. This corner of CT, MA & NY presents further opportunities for self-propelled recreation like trail running, paddling, cycling, rock & ice climbing to the eternal adventurer.

2017 Dates & Format:

April 8-9 or 22-23, 2017 are the two likely options with 22 now under further consideration. Fatass-style, self supported pilot run for a group of 10 or fewer is being considered to avoid permitting. 5(?)am start with aid drops or potluck aid with potential supplementation from our Community Partners. Staffed Start/Finish, multiple aids & bailout points.


A 60+mi single track and road course takes one over two of the most prominent ridges in the CT-MA-NY border area. Views of the Berkshires, Catskills, Taconics and the two valleys surrounding the course abound throughout this multi-crest loop trail. Crushed slate & densely vegetated summits give the air of ruggedness, remoteness & a feeling of independence from most lowland culture.
 The two trails used by the course are the CT-MA Appalachian Trail & NY's South Taconic Trail. Start & Finish locations and like details will be mailed to registered participants.


As we work on establishing relationships with community supporters, this year's run will be self-supported or potluck-style with a minimum of 5 aid stations & possibly bailout routes.
 Support from local businesses, eateries, hotels & medical volunteers will be announced as it becomes available!!

If you have interest in volunteering, please visit our Volunteering page!
 If you have an interest in partnering with this event- please visit our Community Partners page!


Event participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. A limit of 10 runners is in place for the inaugural run & will remain in place until all necessary permissions are acquired. There is no entry fee, but we are thinking of ways to make this run sustain itself annually & always welcome your suggestions. To participate, email


The course is located in the rectangle between the following state routes: NY 22, NY/MA 23, MA/CT 41 & CT/NY 44 atop the junction of CT, MA & NY borders. Directions to a Southern or a Northern course Start/Finish line, eateries & Lodging will be provided.

Lodging, Dining & Local Attractions:

We are working with community partners to provide special dining & lodging options for run participants & their guests.
 At this time a fellow runner has allowed a limited number of participants to camp & stay indoors near the course. Further details will be released as they become available.


Email for additional information.