Thursday, February 22, 2018

Taconic Trails 2018 Dates

The 2018 gathering & Taconic Trails Run will take place on May 26, 2018. Expect a start time of 5:00AM EST. Earlier start times may be arranged.

New for 2018:
 - Longer cutoff! This year expect a course cutoff of at least 15:47:00!
 - Camping for 6 on Friday & Saturday nights is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The site is located 0.5mi from the new Finish/Start line & will host the post-run get together. Please contact the run coordinator to reserve your spot.
 - Start & Finish locations are being moved to a spot with more parking & convenience of facilities.

There will be a site update & the most relevant information will be emailed to registered participants & volunteers. Please standby!

Email if you wish to join us to run/hike or for support: All spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis! There is no entry fee & the support is participant-supplied. Donations to cover prior & current support & organization costs are accepted.

Taconic Trails Crew

Saturday, August 26, 2017

NEW: "Taconic Loop Challenge"

For all who cannot make the spring running of the Loop, there's now a way to experience this magnificent challenge & have your time counted!!!

Hike or run the Loop any day of the year, in either direction & submit your time! Here are a few simple rules:

- All travel must occur during each respective land owner's "open" hours: Dawn to dusk for DCR lands & the Appalachian Trail corridor in CT & MA; 8AM to dusk for NY's Taconic State Park lots*. No other restrictions are known a/o now;
- The route must follow the course of the group run(see this site's "Map" page);
- Foot travel only(no cycling or hitchhiking);
- The effort must be made in a continuous manner(one or several adjacent days);
- Trial-time overnight stays must occur at designated campsites and hotels that are on the Loop route or can be reached by foot(ex: A.T. shelters, Rudd Pond Camps, The White Hart, Race Brook Lodge, etc..);
- Please ignore the Start/Finish spur on the Course Map.
- Once done, email us with: A full name; start & finish date, time AND location for each day of travel(if applicable) and the direction of travel.

GPS tracks, Strava entries or other documentation are helpful, but not needed. We will use those to establish more accurate knowledge of the Loop's length & elevation gain.

Three of the first Challenge finishers will be mailed a gift certificate for Hillsdale, NY's CrossRoads Food Shop good into April, 2018!

* Note: MOST Taconic SP parking lots have a DAY USE ONLY restriction. Park at Rudd Pond or CT & MA parking lots if attempting the Loop over several days.